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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Free pulsing / strobing light leaks - download series part 6

A series of film burn or light leak style clips that pulse and strobe in and out. These are designed to add colour and a dynamic feel to your edits and are best used to highlight key points in your edit. I've had a lot of success by also speeding them up to 300 or 400%. Some of my other light leaks are better to be used as transitions as they 'max out' to full white - these don't. They are more about adding tone / chrominance / colour.

There are 9 clips in the set. As with my other sets, they are all 1080p HD and in ProRes format for the highest quality.

Download here (124MB) -

I've collected all the free video clips on one page here, for ease of downloading.

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