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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Free 4K Sparkle Lightleak / Optical Effect

Here is my third 4K light leak - available for free download (and also you can watch it it in 4K / UHD on YouTube)

This, along with the rest, will all be collected on a special page, so bookmark it. This one is a bit different, with a rainbow diffraction / sparkly feel to it - perhaps like an old 70s optical effect from a movie. Check it out...

You can use it as a background - or more likely, composite over footage. I have seen a few editors combine this with the other leaks to give them an extra special look.

Download here (175MB) -

If you are using these clips for a commercial project with a budget then get in touch. I make the leaks free for non-commercial use (short films etc). Creative Commons details on the main page.

If HD leaks are of interest to you (under the same conditions) then I have loads here.

If you want to do me a favour because of all this cool stuff - that would be great too. Cheers. A few suggestions...

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