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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Free storyboard template to download for word

A lot of people liked my recent idea of a treatment template for use in Word. So here is another template to download and use. This time for storyboarding.

Storyboarding really helps crystallise your thoughts visually for a scene and is therefore usually used by a director. But writers can also find it useful, especially for action and dialogue free portions of a story.

Plus it helps communicate those ideas quickly to anyone who needs to know - art directors, DoP, actors and so on. It removes the ambiguity of the script - which could be interpreted by different people in different ways.

There are some excellent full-on storyboarding tools out there. The best one being Frameforge 3D which allows you to build a scene in 3D and move around it with a virtual camera. Good stuff - and my colleague Suki has started to offer this as a service in itself using his knowledge as a commercials director.

But as small time film makers and writers we may have to keep that on our wish list and aspire to get it. For now we just need a simple way to capture our ideas. That's what this download is for. It loads into Word, (its a simple .doc file) and can be used in one of two ways.

1 - simply print it out and then sketch out your scenes onto the paper.
2 - Import your drawings / sketches / photos into word, stick them in the right order and the print it out so it looks all glossy and cool.

Either is good. Feel free to use as you wish - its a public domain tool. The download has one page. Obviously copy and paste as many pages as you need.

Download here.
If for any reason the above link doesn't work the URL is