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4K Sparkle

This page will collect together in one place my 4K Sparkle style clips for you to download and use. You can see my HD leaks in other pages. Or browse via the menu at the top.

What are these?
These are short clips at 4K resolution (UltraHD if you want to be technically accurate) for use by editors and compositors. They work with any editing package - however I am delivering them as MP4s, to keep the file size reasonable. By layering them over your images, using a compositing style such as 'screen' you add colour and interest - or use them as backdrops.

What's different about these?
I use these kinds of clips a lot in my work. There are a lot of them online already so I've tried to do something different. Firstly, I've tried to have a slower, more elegant style to these. Secondly, I've made them natively in 4K with a Blackmagic camera.

How do I get them?
For each clip I've put up a sample via youtube. There is then a file to download.

How did you do them?
These are macro shots of various glitter lamps.

Are they free?
Creative Commons License
Light Leaks by Tim Clague is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported LicenseBased on a work at

So, in short, yes, free to use and download etc for your personal projects. They are released under creative commons - so free to use for your own projects. But not for commercial projects. Pick one of the three routes below.

If you make money with them on small commercial projects then donate.

If you are wanting to use them in a broadcast / commercials setting then email me. I have a very simple licensing structure that would cover you for a TV series, film or commercial campaign, worldwide, one fee for ALL leaks, in perpetuity.

For non-commercial or personal only use - free, but please do me a favour. Cheers. A few suggestions.

If you are super kind and get something out of using these then please donate a small amount -
Lastly, you can play about with these leaks in an iOS app called Videohance

One: Gold Sparkle

Christmas style gold sparkle - good for using as a backdrop or for compositing
Download here (175MB):

Two: Gold Shiny Bokeh

Gold Shiny Bokeh. Energetic, rapid, shimmering golden bokeh.
Download here (175MB):

Three: Gold Shimmer

A soft gold shimmer in 4K
Download here (175MB):

Four: Gold Dark Reflections

Luxurious dark rich and gold background
Download here (177MB):

Five: Black Glitter

Luxurious dark rich and gold background
Download here (174MB):

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