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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Free HD light leak - a prism sweep effect - useful for wipes

I found a few old HD clips that I never shared. All my new leaks on here are 4K, but this one I think is very useful one, even if its only 1080p. As with all my clips, it features real natural light and objects, no plug ins, no CGI.

As always, it is available for free via Creative Commons, details below. I collect all my light leaks and clips on a special page where there are MORE FREE DOWNLOADS, so bookmark it.

So far, my light leaks have been downloaded well over 700,000 times! And used in TV shows on NatGeo, Discovery and BBC1. As well as games, apps, movie trailers and indie films.

This sparkling prism wipe or sweep has a kind of 'lighthouse' look to it. Very colourful defraction effects too. It can be composited over your footage or be used as an alpha channel to make your footage ghost into view or as a dissolve between shots.

You can download it in 1080p HD Quicktime format from here: (all 4 clips in 1 download)

If you are using these clips for a commercial project with a budget then get in touch. I make the leaks free for non-commercial use (short films etc). Creative Commons details on the main HD leaks page.

If 4K leaks are of interest to you (under the same conditions) then I have loads here.

If you want to do me a favour because of all this cool stuff - that would be great too. Cheers. A few suggestions...

If you are super kind and get something out of using these then please donate a small amount via the button below...