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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Free downloads for editors - Part 7- pastel shades

This is the latest in my series of free HD downloadable clips for editors / post production people and compositors. 

This time I have collected together 4 longer clips - all pastel shades. 

Sometimes you need a more gentle effect, just to tint a static image or to act as a background. These are designed to add colour and a dynamic feel to your edits and are best used throughout a shot to tint them. 

Some of my other light leaks are better to be used as transitions as they 'max out' to full white - these don't. They are more about adding tone / chrominance / colour.

As with my other sets, they are all 1080p HD and in ProRes format for the highest quality.

I've collected all of my free video clips on one page here, for ease of downloading.

1 comment:

The Uncle said...

Excellent stuff Tim. The best thing about all of these leaks is the variety of speeds and colours, which is what sets them apart from some paid for leaks. Plus the way they are organised helps a bunch when sifting through them in a pressured edit.