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Friday, January 02, 2015

New Year, new 4k light leaks!

Last year I did a lot of HD light leaks and film burns and lens flare clips you could download for free. This year there are new ones - but now in 4K or UltraHD resolution.

Here is the first one. The rest will all be collected on a special page, so bookmark it.

These fade up from black making them ideal to be used to transition from one clip to the next in your edit timeline. 8 in total in this one download.
Download here (174MB) -

If you are using these clips for a commercial project with a budget then get in touch. I make the leaks free for non-commercial use (short films etc).

If you want to do me a favour anyway - that would be great too. Cheers. A few suggestions.

If you are super kind and get something out of using these then please donate a small amount via the button below...

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