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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Free Lens Flare clips to download, in HD

After the success of the light leak downloads I thought I'd do something similar, but with a different look to it. So I present my lens flares and crystals clips for you to download and use.

What are these?
These are short high definition clips for use by editors and compositors. They work with any editing package as they are just video clips. So use them in Final Cut, Premiere, Sony Vegas - however I am delivering them as Quicktimes. By layering them over your images, using a compositing style such as 'screen' you add colour and interest.

What's different about these?
I use these kinds of clips a lot in my work. There are a lot of them online already so I've tried to do something different. Firstly, I've tried to have a slower, more elegant style to these. Secondly, I've made sure they are in the top HD ProRes quality where possible. If I have to compress I've used as little compression as possible.

There are a few variations in each clip, so chop them up, speed them up, reverse them - whatever you like. I've uploaded them at standard speed to give you the most options in your edit as possible. I will add more over the next few weeks via blog posts - but will update this page also.

Are they free?
Yes, free to use and download etc. If you want to do me a favour - that would be great. Cheers. A few suggestions.

Clip One: Light facets

These bursts of light pan across the screen, spankling as they go. Created by effectively using a glass crystal as a lens directly on the camera, they offer blinding light, mixed with refracting spectrums. There are 8 versions in this one clip. One even 'maxes out' to white making it ideal to use as a transition or dissolve. To keep under a 200MB limit I had to compress this as the highest possible quality H264.

Download here (157MB) -

Clip Two: Multi-faceted flares

This multi-element flare was made for when you need colour, detail, range and an organic / analogue feel to a lens flare. Great for compositing over shots and transitions you can speed it up for another great look. I've used the slowest original speed here so you can ramp up the speeds and do what you like. Another tip is to recolour them, to blue for example. There are 3 in this set. They were filmed with a plastic lens, hence the very grungy feel to them. To keep under a 200MB limit I had to compress this as the highest possible quality H264.

Download here (98MB) -


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