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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Live Podcast Time!

We did it last year - and we are back, doing it again!

Date - Monday 21st August
Time - 7:30PM (UK time / GMT - see below for international times*)

Watch and join in via Periscope - we will put the link up on our twitter when its live.
And also on Facebook Live - on our page -

Who are we? Between us we have a BAFTA nomination, a few awards and had lots of of stuff on the tele and we made a feature film between us which premiered at the BFI London Film Festival. We've also written a book on how to earn a living as a working writer.

And the topic we will be focusing on with the live podcast is about - what have we learned, as working writers, since we wrote that book and made our movie.

You can ask questions and join our debate via either of those, or tweet us at @ukscriptwriters. See you there!

About our podcast in general...

As you probably know, I co-host the UK Scriptwriters Podcast alongside Danny Stack. And have done so for over five years and for over 60 episodes. We talk about all things scriptwriting, but mainly focus on the working and business side, more so than go over script tips or structure, which is already catered for elsewhere. AKA, we talk about how to get paid!

Something we started to do a couple of years ago was to interview writers and other people from the media world - whether they be new or super experienced. How did they start? What's their advice? What's the future hold for them? My personal top five favourites are...
But of course you may get more out of one of the many others. Here's the podcast homepage

*International times...
  • 7:30PM UK Time
  • 2:30PM Eastern USA
  • 1:30PM Central USA
  • 12:30PM Mountain Time USA
  • 11:30 AM Pacific Time USA
  • 7:30AM - New Zealand
  • Way too early you POMs, I'll catch it via a podcast download later - Australia

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Free to download video file - ghostly light leak

Here is my latest HD light leak. This one has a ghostly, spooky,  misty kind of look. In fact it is different light streaming through ice! Makes a good backdrop or use it in compositing.

As ever, available for free via Creative Commons, details below.

I collect all my light leaks on a special page where there are MORE FREE DOWNLOADS, so bookmark it. So far my light leaks have been downloaded well over 700,000 times! And used in TV shows on NatGeo, Discovery and BBC1. As well as games, apps, movie trailers and indie films.

If, in your edit package, you can alter the speed of this clip (or reverse it) then you can create even more different looks. Its a MOV in high bit rate h264 format, to preserve the quality as best I can - and in 1920x1080 size, 25fps.

Download here (188MB) -

If you are using these clips for a commercial project with a budget then get in touch. I make the leaks free for non-commercial use (short films etc). Creative Commons details on the main page.

If 4K / UHD leaks are of interest to you (under the same conditions) then I have loads here.

If you want to do me a favour because of all this cool stuff - that would be great too. Cheers. A few suggestions...

If you are super kind and get something out of using these then please donate a small amount via the button below...

download light leaks