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Monday, July 29, 2013

The greatest light leak so far - free HD download

Yes, its the start of a whole new set of light leaks. I'm calling these, unofficially, the Arctic leaks as they were created on the edge of the Arctic Circle.

3 things made up this light leak and made it so intricate.

1 - the sun from the Arctic Circle (I kid you not, its the best light for this kind of thing)
2 - a copper parabolic dish
3 - handmade glass shape over the front of the camera, no lens.

It gives it a very fluid, flowing style. Almost like vapor trails or like sub-atomic particle trails from an accelerator. Great for using as transitions in your edits, speed it up for a crazy effect! There are 4 different in this 1 clip.

You can download it in 1080p HD Quicktime format from here:

If you like this and want more then you can go to the whole archive of lens flares and light leaks here.

They are offered under creative commons. Read more here. If you are super kind and get something out of using these then please donate a small amount and I can do some more. If you use them for commercial projects then you should pay also...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ultimate Sleeper Teaser

It has been a trend for films, games and TV series to give fans a chance to be full-on nerdy by hiding clues on line. Hey, without it, what else would fill up all those forums? They probably have a 'proper' name. I call them sleeper teasers. Embedded goodies to find, like sleeper agents sent into foreign countries to start a whole new life. Deep, deep, deep undercover.

Most of them pass me by. I get the intrigue of course but perhaps not enough to actually engage fully.
This one caught my eye. It is on the YouTube channel Pronunciation Book. This has been going since 2010 and has had 26m views. Why? Because it is a handy place that shows you how to say things that you're not sure of. Good Service. Here is a relevant example...

And here is another for you film and TV fans.

 And then one day it said this...

And then this...

3 years in the making? Or are YouTube on board with fake figures? As with all these things, the excitement can be undone in one swift move if the 'thing' in question is revealed to be dull.

Current web jibba jabba thinks it may be Half Life 3. Which is a bit exciting, but a sequel, so not that exciting.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Podcast Episode 30: A TV writing special

Danny just got back from the BBC Writers Room TV Drama Festival. He spoke to writers there for the podcast and we've included some of their thoughts in this episode. The topic is, of course, TV writing. Based on what he saw I asked Danny - is this a golden age for TV writers?

Note: we recorded this episode outside, apologies for the windy audio experience!