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Monday, November 26, 2012

Not show, not tell - but DO! Writing techniques for games.

do or not do
Over in a LinkedIn discussion we've been kicking around ideas based on my recent blog post on the importance of mood above plot in some games and interactive stories.

In film and TV scriptwriting we often use the generally good advice, "show, not tell". Why have someone tell us how they feel, it is better they show us how they feel. Why tell us the prisoner has escaped? Let's see the rascal slipping out.

In games this is truer than ever. The more visual nature of games means there are even more ways to 'show'. And yet it is often a format that features writing using a 'tell' method - as games producers often under estimate their audience.

I feel games is one medium where you can really talk up to the audience (or in this case players / participants). There's no point in doing a dumbed down story for players who don't want the depth (the lowest common denominator approach). These players will ignore the story elements anyway. So, you may as well aim high.

BUT, games have one more benefit. They can go beyond show, beyond tell. They can go to 'do'. That is the most powerful story method. Escaping from the prison yourself and feeling the excitement of doing it is the trump card.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cool light leaks - free HD downloads part 11

These cool coloured light leaks are some of my favourites to use when editing up trailers and highlight reels. They work well at their natural speed - but sped up to 400% they look better and more organic than the 'dip to colour' effects of most edit suites. 

This set is a bit of a random collection - but again, I think that is why it is my favourite as there is variety. Plus, these can complement the other 'cool' effects I've uploaded previously.

If you don't know, this is part 11 in a whole collection of light leaks, flares, film burns, wipes and glows. The whole collection is available here:

This particular set of 7 clips (1080p ProRes) can be downloaded here (116MB)

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Podcast Episode 24

This episode myself and Danny were at the London Screenwriter's Festival. A great place to get the audio recorder out and wait to see who turns up. It's a bumper crop of goodies as it turns out.

First up is Darrin Grimwood - who is a writer earlier in his career, but has a recent comedy-horror out with Steve Guttenberg in it called Cornered
Then we nabbed agent Nish Panchal for a take on what he looks for in new writers.
This was followed up by bumping into Jonathan Newman, writer / director, to hear what he is looking for in a pitch.
Fellow podcaster and script guru Pilar Alessandra then interrupted, but that was cool because we could chat about dialogue writing tips.
And lastly, the non-linear expert (and scriptwriter!) Linda Aronson rounds it up with her advice for writers to stay ahead of the game over the next decade.