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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Writing for a totally new format

A few posts ago I talked about a film being made using a 360 degree camera. This, obviously, presents many production challenges. But does it also present narrative challenges? I asked Tory Mell, the co-producer and writer about his views on this. Here is what he said...

With the 360 degree format, the hardest thing came after I had finished the first draft of the script (which was done in the traditional manor). I then had to go back in and do a complete overhaul of the film with the knowledge that actors were going to be on camera 100% of the time. So even before the director got a hold of it, I had to make sure each actor had something to do because we will never know who (the viewing audience) will be focused on. Sure we had a "Star" of the film, but each character (Six in total) were equally as important because each had a purpose, each had their own demons to deal with, and it had to show at all times. Once we started rolling on the SA 360 there was no stopping until they got through the scene. 

Writing with a 360 degree format in mind is crazy! The best way I am able to describe the experience is, I wrote this as filmed theatre. In film/tv you get multiple takes, but with the SA 360 much like theatre, you get one shot. But what separates it from theatre, is if you flub a line in theatre you press on, if you flub a line on the 360… You're back to one. 

It's a completely fascinating way of writing, and it was truly a fun experience! But I'm glad my brain gets to go back to single/multi camera writing… 360 of writing is taxing on the old Melon. 

You can check out the website: 

Good luck with all of your future projects!