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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Podcast 3 - collaborating and characters

Yes! It is podcast time again. Listen below or catch up with it on PodOmatic or on iTunes.

This month we look at what myself and Danny will be doing at the London Screenwriters Festival, Dom's guide to the fest PLUS we also discuss...

The latest script competitions, including the Big Idea from Shine and the "Inspired by Science" Treatment Award. And don't forget you still have time to enter the Berlinale Talent Campus.
Guest spot with Jack Thorne, co-writer of This Is England '86 which you can see on 4OD if you are in the UK.
This leads to a discussion: writers collaborating with other writers.
Our craft section is on creating great characters.

One photo we nearly used was of Gobbles the rabbit getting in on the act but his contribution was minimal.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Best free advice on scriptwriting

Danny Stack has gone and done it!

Check out his new portal to loads of great advice and insights on all elements of scriptwriting. Free downloads and a wealth of info. But EVERYTHING you need. This, to me, is the equivalent to a 'read me' file on a CD. Read it before you do anything else.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

12 angry writers

I put together some material for a recent workshop / training day for HSBC. My colleague Brian is a big fan of '12 Angry Men' and how you can use it to analyse team behaviour. How does Henry Fonda's character influence the others, changing his techniques appropriately? It is linked in with a leadership model called "The Managerial Grid" - but that isn't key to this post.

What strikes me is that you can work this idea the other way around. When you are putting together a group of characters, an ensemble piece of work, you could use any group dynamic theory or idea to underpin it.

It doesn't almost matter too much what you use - all the theories look at people at the extremes of behaviour. This helps explain and use the model / theory. But it helps us as extremes are more explosive with regards to drama.