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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas film

Hello Everyone.

As you know - I make films. So instead of a picture on a card it seemed obvious to me to make a film as a my yuletide greeting unto you all.

The reason it is late is a simple one. We wanted to actually make it on Christmas Day itself and have some fun. And so we did. We used what we had, which wasn't all that much - but we did it in the day! Enjoy. And if next year you'd prefer a simple card in the post instead then let me know.

If the movie doesn't play here is the direct link.

Shaune gave me an added challenge of incorporating a mystery gift to be opened live during the film. All in all, a great 365films type challenge.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Personal Currency

Peter Travers (from Rolling Stone magazine) got me thinking. "Why?", I hear you ask in your Christmas fuelled excitement.

Well its film awards season at the moment. BAFTAs Oscars etc. And that means I'm on a diet of about 2 films a day. And reading lots of Screen Internationals and Hollywood Reporters. In these mags are lots of adverts - and these adverts have lots of quotes on them.

I can guaretee that 50% of these adverts will contain a quote from Peter Travers. Easily. He must like EVERYTHING. Now I'm an upbeat guy. I find something to like in most films. But I might not recommend it. Why? Because my word. my opinion would get devalued. Like when the Germans in the 30s tried to make the country richer by just printing more money. It doesn't work. As each note (or each review in this case) is just seen as being worth less and less.

I now don't take Peters word for what is a good film. And this is something we must all watch out for. As readers, collobaorters, as reviewers. Our word must have a high value.

As you can see from this ripped out page - the film in question is 'There Will be Blood'. This is, in fact, a towering and incredible film with scope and vision. The cast is excellent all round and Daniel Day Lewis is being singled out - and I can see why. This film deals with the issue of people having goals that are too strong and narrow - that passion and greed are dangerous. However, for me, I would still recommend the much smaller film Juno above it for the sparkly dialogue by Diablo Cody.

Merry Christmas to you all. Expect a special Christmas and New Year greeting very soon.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


It's official. I'm a Z lister!

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Leadership in Hollywood - the new way

In a recent issue of Hollywood Reporter there was a fascinating section on film business leaders. It was called 'Innovative Voices'. You know something is mainstream when the HR writes about it - next to a special article about Oprah. Again.

It was interesting what these business leaders were saying about alternative distributions and new art forms. And you also know that us small guys have to keep on the hop with our imaginative writing and film making if the big boys are breathing down our necks. They are into things we were talking about 2 years ago when this blog started. So now - we have to be 2 years ahead.

Here is a quote from one of the five 'big boys' mentioned in the article. Why - its big cheese Peter Moore who is president of EA Sports. He says unto us...

"We just had a watershed moment in entertainment in that fewer people wanted to go to movie theatres because they were at home playing Halo 3"

But its not all that well written. Guys!!! Where are you??? Let's get in there.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

'Something new' makers

film director
In the past we all knew where we were. We made films. Simple. Write them, film them, show them. Ahhh. The simple life. What exactly is our role now?

Looking at the film2.0 pioneers its all about making something bigger than just a film. The film is part of a bigger project. This might be Robert Greenwald whose films are part of a bigger social movement. But it could also be the work of ZeFrank whose films are part of a bigger dialogue with the audience. Myself, I'm trying to experiment with characters - so Archie (from Circumference) is bigger than the film. He is a character outside of the film - he has his own blog and communication with the outside world. I'd also like to see him do the commentary on the DVD. A film is usually based on a theme or idea. But now we have more ways to explore that idea than just using film. We can have plugins, facebook apps, blogs, wikis, forums, internet art - and loads of things that you haven't invented for us yet.

What is the name of this 'bigger thing'? I don't know. I don't think its the same as those cliche terms - franchise or brand. Perhaps it doesn't need a name. Maybe its just a project. Or movement. Or art.

Who should lead the charge with these new ideas? I think it should be writers. They need to be involved. They know the characters. They know the central idea and theme and are exploring it already. All the time. It's already part of our process. We are primed. So writers - keep suggesting spin offs and new ideas.

Image of Dorothy Arzner (1900-1979) - pioneering film director. Born in San Francisco, she was the only American woman director to make a successful transition from the silent era to sound.
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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Game over?

Steve Keevil sent me a link to this article in the NY Times. It's about an internet / web 2.0 / artist pioneer who is re-evaluating the way things have worked out for artists using the web. An extract is below...

There’s an almost religious belief in the Valley that charging for content is bad. The only business plan in sight is ever more advertising. One might ask what will be left to advertise once everyone is aggregated.

This ties in with our own ongoing evaluation of Circumference. What is our balance between pulling people towards the film in a magnetic way versus pushing it as an idea towards potential advertisers by using traditional press and PR.

Whatever happens - I like being in a game where we are still making up the rules.

Monday, December 10, 2007

New Inspiration

More storydust from PostSecret for your writing during the week ahead.

Friday, December 07, 2007

New project

You know that bit on the side here somewhere --->

It says above the adverts 'all funds earned go to making films'. Well. The time is coming.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The rules?

rules of writing
Can't remember where I found this. But here it is anyway. These are for the 'read' word rather than the 'performed' word - but most hold true.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Monday, December 03, 2007


If you fancy a piece of Projector Films blog memorabilia AND a chance to watch some Christmas films on the BIG screen at home then look no further than the official Projector Films projector! (ie a good projector that I've just never really used and want to sell)

Its for sale to help fund new films - in particular a series of comedy shorts for the web. So we can help each other out if you buy it. Hardly been used at all. As new.

Projector info... 6 months old. 20 hours use. Res is 854 x 480 (16:9). £339ish new. Yours as a blog reader £200.

Link to check out details.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

My lecture - Monday

If you fancy learning something on Monday then come on down to Bournemouth University in your lunch hour. I'm giving a one hour special lecture on narrative film making. It's going to be fast paced, high energy and interactive. And free. And cool. It's for people who are just starting out on film making - ie first year students - but all blog readers welcome also. Hope to see you there and make sure you introduce yourself.

Place: The Stevenson Lecture Theatre, Bournemouth Uni
Time: 1-2pm
Date: Monday 3rd Dec 2007

If you come along I'll explain the picture above.

The materials...

The Powerpoint, The check list (as a word doc), one of the style sheets, the '10 seconds' film.