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Friday, July 14, 2017

Podcast Episode 63: Justin Trefgarne

Justin Trefgarne - Uk Scriptwriters Podcast

This podcast episode is great! That's because I get to sit back and listen to it as a normal punter myself.

Danny went rogue and did it solo. He talked over Skype to writer / director Justin Trefgarne who gives the most amazingly candid and detailed story behind the making of his debut feature - Narcopolis.

Justine talks about how it almost never happened after not getting through the iFeatures scheme, but how the movie was saved by a chance meeting. How it ran out of money. How his lead actor had to leave town due to having a baby - so they swapped location with only 4 days to go. And many many more close shaves.

If you are thinking of writing, directing and producing your first feature then this is a MUST listen for sure. I was totally hooked by the story.

A quick word about the podcast - myself and Danny had a chat about its future. We have decided to keep it going and keep it free. But that may mean some of the older episodes will get deleted from the server to make room. That seems better than charging in our opinion. But please continue to support us by buying the book, if you have one, buy another one for a writer friend!

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