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Monday, July 03, 2017

Podcast Episode 62: Networking and Business

In this episode we talk about some nuts and bolts issues. How to gain more work as a writer and how to get your finances in order, so you keep your working life on the straight and narrow.

NETWORKING: Some writers dread the idea of talking to new people. But of course; new people can mean new business. What tips are there to make networking less stressful and to ensure these kind of events work in your favour?

BUSINESS: What do you actually need to do when you start earning money from writing. Do you need to set up a company? How?

BONUS: We also give a shout out to a new festival near us - - a festival dedicated to the hidden art of sound in film.

INFO: This episode's photo is of a group of us from our own local networking event who met up in Cannes to celebrate the release of local short film Faithless -

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