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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Podcast Episode 50: James Cary, the sitcom geek!

James Cary was the creator of the radio sitcoms "Think the Unthinkable" and "Hut 33" and was lead writer on the sketch show, "Concrete Cow". For TV, he has written for "My Hero", "My Family" and "Miranda". More recently he co-wrote the BBC Three series "Bluestone 42" with Richard Hurst.

Online you can find James podcasting, blogging and tweeting as SitcomGeek. He has a book out too if you are keen to get into sitcoms called Writing That Sitcom

We talk to him about comedy, about writing material for others and about getting your own show off the ground. And also about the differences between radio and television.

And also, a special thanks from me to those people who emailed in after the previous episode with ideas and general positive vibes. We appreciate it and will be using your ideas over the coming episodes.

Some links while we are all here having a nice time:

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