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Monday, October 05, 2015

Podcast Episode 49: 3 things from us - and a question for you

A shorter episode this time.
We reflect on the best lessons we have learnt from the London Screenwriters Festival and urge you to come along. We'll be giving a talk once more this year. 
We also ask what you want us to cover? Let us know via or via twitter or Facebook.
And then we plug three things.
1 - Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg, our debut feature film which premieres at the London Film Festival on the 10th October. 
2 - A spin off book for younger readers called "Who Needs Friends Nelson Nutmeg?" which is on Amazon now.
3 - A brand new book from us, full of our best tips ever called "The UK Scriptwriters Survival Handbook" - get it now on Amazon too.

UK scriptwriters survival handbook

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