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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Podcast Episode 44: The UK Scriptwriters Survival Guide

In this new podcast episode myself and Danny Stack talk about our new book we've just finished writing. It will be out soon and sums up just about EVERYTHING in the podcast SO FAR in many ways. It's basic question is; how can you earn a living as a writer? This book, the UK Scriptwriters Survival Guide, isn't about how to write, its about how to be a writer!

In this episode we discuss our favourite parts of the book and our top advice - as well as how to overcome knock backs to your career - how do you survive and thrive?

More about the book soon, when its released. Podcast listeners will of course get a special price. In the meantime, here's an extract from the introduction, so you know what it is about...
This guide is less about the craft of scriptwriting and more about being a scriptwriter, a working scriptwriter. A writer who earns a crust day-to-day. A writer who pays the rent AND still finds time to work on new ideas, and that next amazing spec script.
We’ve all got books on our shelves already about the craft of being a writer and the different techniques and structures you may use. We don’t cover those.
There’s also looks of books about rare occurrences of someone selling it big. This book is about being part of the hard working majority, not a one-off fluke. If you picked up a book about investing your money, you’d be rightly disappointed if the advice inside was “win the lottery”. There will be no ‘sell a script for a million dollars on your first go’ nonsense here. This book is about long term success through graft. 

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