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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Double Christmas Treat Part 1

Every year I make a film instead of sending out Christmas cards.

This year's effort is called Ho Ho Horror. This is now my sixth year of doing it. The ‘rules’ are always the same. Whatever can be done in a single working day. It used to be Christmas Day itself, but then I realised no one checked their emails on the big day so I now send it earlier.

Ho Ho Horror - Apparently, on Christmas Eve, it is okay for a strangely dressed man in a red suit to break into your home - nothing scary about that - or is there?

BUT SERIOUSLY, MAYBE DON'T LET YOUR REALLY YOUNG KIDS WATCH THIS. While its not a horror per se, you don't want Father Christmas being attacked with a stocking and shiv made from a pencil on Christmas Eve.

This year sees a return of co-star Kim, her first appearance since 2008’s Christmas Film "Stocky". Anyway, watch it. And have a (Night)marey Christmas!

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