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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Who Kicked Nelson Nutmeg?

The Kickstarter campaign for my new children's feature film is now live. Click to watch the rather excellent video above. Or visit the Kickstarter page directly here -

I hope you can support the film and share it with others. We really need to be making more home grown children's movies in the UK.

If you can chip in even £1 that is really, really useful. Kickstarter focuses more on how many backers there are, more so than the actual amount given. So a quid given early is worth a lot more than that over time.

If you are telling people about the film, here's the blurb I use - On their annual summer holiday to the south coast of England, four misfit kids suspect that their holiday park’s mascot, Nelson Nutmeg, has been pushed off of the cliff! They set out to find the evidence they need in order to reveal the culprit and convince their parents they were right.

Just a reminder of how lucky we've been with this so far. Nigel Cole (dir of Calendar Girls) is on board as a directing mentor and we have had script feedback from BBC children’s presenter Chris Jarvis. Our location is also the place where the BAFTA winning ITV show Broadchurch was filmed. I am co-writing and co-directing the film with Danny Stack, writer of Octonauts and Thunderbirds Are Go!

The campaign launched today and as I write this we already have over 10% of the minimum amount in place. This is amazing. Thanks to everyone who has supported the film so far. Here's to the next 10% and the rest!

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