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Monday, June 09, 2014

No one has heard of your film - and that's maybe how you should like it!

Check out this trailer. Seems like an okay film, got good people in it, was finished a few months back, had a recent screening at Cannes Market. Its UK premiere is soon.  I remember the writer / director pitching the idea to me ages ago. Maybe 5 years ago. Myself and Tammy go back quite a way as she was involved in my BAFTA nominated short, Eight, in an admin role - and I'm pleased she is now making great films herself.

But the point of this article is how easily things like this can pass one by. I knew about the script, but now its done, its made, its out! How did that happen? Heck, my light leaks are even used in the trailer, which I love. In this social media based world it is easy to think that everyone knows about your film, or should know about your film.

I like that fact that I didn't know about this film until now. That's cool. Sometimes surprising people is a good tactic. That makes it intriguing to me, like it is a secret, a delicious one!

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