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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Latest Ad - in POV style

A few months ago we did a podcast episode recorded at sea. What were we doing? See for yourself above. It was a series of commercials for P&O Cruises. At the end of each ad is the choice to view a couple of others, so click around.

The commercials build upon my recent POV experiments. These though weren't filmed with the special rig, but instead were captured with a standard GoPro set up. 4 cameras were used in all, which created about 500GB of footage.

They were edited in Premiere with a grade completed within MagicBullet Looks. GoPros do now feature a 'raw' setting but I passed on this, in favour of the standard built-in profile. I felt the raw setting was just so flat that it would severely impact on the post workflow too much if it was used.

No sync sound, which really helped too of course.

A few tips for anyone looking to shoot POV with a GoPro for this kind of purpose.

1 - indoor shots are always hard work as the GoPro loves a lot of light
2 - move slowly to allow the auto settings to adjust smoothly, you can speed stuff up later
3 - stabilisation in post is your friend, but it can only help you so much
4 - time remapping helps to compensate for not really having cutaways
5 - shoot cutaways anyway
6 - every shot should be a 'doing' shot to maximise POV effect. Looking at something isn't enough

My learn now, that I will use next time…

Change head heights for variety. Crawl, jump, roll, slide, climb - anything to stop everything being shot at 5ft to 6ft high.

Here's the crew…


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