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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Christmas Film 2013 - An Actor Prepares

Yes, it is time for the annual Christmas film. Now in its 7th year already! As always, the self-imposed guideline is to shoot and edit within one working day and to pretty much make it up as I go along. I used to do it on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve, but then everyone missed them. So now I do it a little bit earlier. You can see my efforts from previous via this YouTube playlist. This year, I present…

An Actor Prepares... for Christmas

Celebrated thespian Mitch Starr gives us a masterclass in yuletide pretence. If you are given a gift that is slightly lacking the mark, how can you 'act' delighted? Mitch shows us simple techniques to master this difficult dramatic problem. A valuable piece of training for the forthcoming days.

Thanks to Chris R Wright for playing the part of Mitch. You can see more from him here. If you don't like this year's film, obviously blame Chris. If you like it, thanks, it was my idea.

See you in 2014 for more films,
whatever their reason to exist!

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