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Monday, December 16, 2013

Podcast Episode 34: Games

To celebrate the recent launch of the PS4 and XBoxOne we did a games special ourselves, over at the podcast. We delve into the world of writing for computer games and interactive entertainment in general.

Alongside Tim, in this Danny-free edition are:
  • Steve Ince (20 years writing games, stretching back to the original Broken Sword and In Cold Blood) 
  • Rudolf Kremers (independent producer at OmniLabs whose EufloriaHD comes out for PSVita tomorrow!)
  • Tony Lee (multi format writer who is best known for comics and books but who worked on games in his early days)

We talk about how to get into the business, how to start, the opportunities out there and how to go it alone and just make stuff.

This was recorded at the London Screenwriters Festival where we tried to find somewhere quiet and all get around the microphone. There was mixed success in this, so excuse the up and down levels.

Not very festive as a podcast, but fun and with wise words. Lastly, here's a trailer for Rudolf's game…

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