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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Personal stories from real people

Earlier in the year I directed this promotional piece for the Money Advice Service - good guys who give free financial advice to folks who need it. So I was pleased to help them.

The idea was to let the people's stories do the work, to focus on them and their words. This was helped by decluttering the frame with this minimal set. Green is their main brand colour by the way and we matched the lighting gel to the colour guidelines.

I was keen to use a real backdrop, rather than using a keying effect. I think, again, to illustrate in a subliminal way that this was all real. On a practical level it also allowed us to build this set in different locations around the UK, yet edit between interviews seamlessly.

I like working in this way - and my only tip around it is to be prepared for a long edit as you are, in effect, writing the script in the edit suite. I know some people try to script what they want people to say. I think you can always tell when that is the case and this can cause more harm than good.

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