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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ultimate Sleeper Teaser

It has been a trend for films, games and TV series to give fans a chance to be full-on nerdy by hiding clues on line. Hey, without it, what else would fill up all those forums? They probably have a 'proper' name. I call them sleeper teasers. Embedded goodies to find, like sleeper agents sent into foreign countries to start a whole new life. Deep, deep, deep undercover.

Most of them pass me by. I get the intrigue of course but perhaps not enough to actually engage fully.
This one caught my eye. It is on the YouTube channel Pronunciation Book. This has been going since 2010 and has had 26m views. Why? Because it is a handy place that shows you how to say things that you're not sure of. Good Service. Here is a relevant example...

And here is another for you film and TV fans.

 And then one day it said this...

And then this...

3 years in the making? Or are YouTube on board with fake figures? As with all these things, the excitement can be undone in one swift move if the 'thing' in question is revealed to be dull.

Current web jibba jabba thinks it may be Half Life 3. Which is a bit exciting, but a sequel, so not that exciting.

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