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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Spec project month, the two hour time method

February is my spec project month - aka, a self sabbatical. There are a number of interesting projects that I'm pushing forward on but a constant stream of work has prevented me from exploring them fully. Work's vital of course, but then so is self development. It harks back to the balance of the scriptwriters life diagram. So I've had to turn some work down to move these forward, people are waiting to hear more on several of them too, so they can't be put off forever!

A month probably isn't enough, but it is a really good start. I'm aiming to move forward on...

  • Friend Request - promoting the short POV film and then working on a poster and director's notes.
  • An interactive novel - an ibook / kindle project - part novel / part game
  • New spec TV show - mapping out the first episode and a few others. Hope to be getting into the first episode script by the end of the month for sure.

I know a lot of people struggle with putting aside time and getting things done. That is why there is always a talk or seminar on this topic at most screenwriting events.

I've gone for something simple, as simple ideas are more likely to work. Two hours on each, every day. That keeps things moving - and stops boredom. Sometimes I feel I could do more on a certain project, but I don't. That means next day I'm up for diving back in.

6 hours a day is a good target too, it still leaves times for emails and other bits of fluff.

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