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Thursday, December 20, 2012

5 Reasons Why Scriptwriters Hate Christmas

Continuing the traditional of a few years now, I proudly present my Christmas film.

Die hard readers of the blog will know that I follow a set of guidelines when making these films. Firstly, to make it in about a day and secondly, with whatever I have to hand. The idea of these guidelines is to recreate the spirit of a homemade Christmas card. Now, I'm rubbish at making cards and I hate glitter, plus I'm too tight to buy stamps. Luckily, I'm okay at making films - hence why you are being forced to watch this.

Which brings me to the film itself - this year something perhaps too close to home, 5 reasons why scriptwriters hate Christmas! Yay, seasonal misery, awesome.

However, please please please absorb my best wishes and goodwill that will seep out of your screen from in-between the barbed satirical comments and downbeat genre.

A note on the audio, I had to use the inbuilt camera mic as Andy Marsh wanted my sound kit for a charity shoot, but that seemed in the true spirit of the season so I let him.

Look out for a cameo from Danny Stack, whose own neuroses came up with the final number one reason!

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