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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Podcast Episode 24

This episode myself and Danny were at the London Screenwriter's Festival. A great place to get the audio recorder out and wait to see who turns up. It's a bumper crop of goodies as it turns out.

First up is Darrin Grimwood - who is a writer earlier in his career, but has a recent comedy-horror out with Steve Guttenberg in it called Cornered
Then we nabbed agent Nish Panchal for a take on what he looks for in new writers.
This was followed up by bumping into Jonathan Newman, writer / director, to hear what he is looking for in a pitch.
Fellow podcaster and script guru Pilar Alessandra then interrupted, but that was cool because we could chat about dialogue writing tips.
And lastly, the non-linear expert (and scriptwriter!) Linda Aronson rounds it up with her advice for writers to stay ahead of the game over the next decade.

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