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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Best business card for writers 2012

Every year, I try to find a great business card by a scriptwriter. As storytellers we can show off our craft on even a small piece of card. That's how awesome we are.

Here are links to past years; 2011, 2010, 2009

This year I felt it wasn't the strongest selection however, a step back in fact. Mostly very standard cards with no creativity. Now, sometimes you want that, to look professional and serious. I'm not saying go crazy. But I think a small amount of creativity, that matches your personality and style, can help.

Imagine a few days after a busy networking event. You have so many faces  and anecdotes in your head and they are starting to merge together. And you have all these cards. Which is who and what is which?

A good tailored card helps folks remember you!

My fave this year was the one above by Michelle Goode - if you know her, you know thats a good likeness. Yet, it remains enigmatic.

Here's my top tips for a card at the moment - beyond the issues above.

1 - keep empty space so people can make notes (so no double sided laminate either)
2 - keep contact details clear and in a clean font (people try to read them in crap lighting)
3 - keep to a standard size (people have card shaped wallets)


Unknown said...

What a brilliant idea about plastic business cards. Thanks you so much for sharing this. I really appreciate your work.

Anonymous said...

Great!!!Superb writing!!!

Business Cards

Zmalik said...

Creative design for creatives people...such plastic business cards leaves impressive impact on clients mind...

Unknown said...

Oh, I agree! Business cards should not be flashy, either. But the design should be unique enough to be remembered. Simple can be attractive if it is combined with creativity.

Riley Pare