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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Best business card for writers 2012

Every year, I try to find a great business card by a scriptwriter. As storytellers we can show off our craft on even a small piece of card. That's how awesome we are.

Here are links to past years; 2011, 2010, 2009

This year I felt it wasn't the strongest selection however, a step back in fact. Mostly very standard cards with no creativity. Now, sometimes you want that, to look professional and serious. I'm not saying go crazy. But I think a small amount of creativity, that matches your personality and style, can help.

Imagine a few days after a busy networking event. You have so many faces  and anecdotes in your head and they are starting to merge together. And you have all these cards. Which is who and what is which?

A good tailored card helps folks remember you!

My fave this year was the one above by Michelle Goode - if you know her, you know thats a good likeness. Yet, it remains enigmatic.

Here's my top tips for a card at the moment - beyond the issues above.

1 - keep empty space so people can make notes (so no double sided laminate either)
2 - keep contact details clear and in a clean font (people try to read them in crap lighting)
3 - keep to a standard size (people have card shaped wallets)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Cool Wash - part 10 - free HD compositing download kit

Cool tones, that sweep from blues to greens and yellows. These are for use when compositing in your favourite editing software or in After Effects. Similar to film burns and light leaks - but more suited to lens flare colouring and for hi tech modern composites. Can be used in Premiere, Final Cut Pro or any editing package that can use Quicktime.

If you don't know, this is part 10 of a whole collection of light leaks, flares, film burns, wipes and glows. The whole collection is available here:

The set of 7 clips (1080p ProRes) in this kit can be downloaded here (84MB)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cool blue wipes - free download set 9

These light leaks use cool tones of blues to greeny / yellows.  I find they work well with hi-tech / matrix style compositions and the cyan tint compliments lens flares.

They can all be used as wipes to move from one image to the next. Best way to use them is to place then over a wipe using the 'screen' option of the composition / layering tools.

If you don't know, this part 9 in a whole collection of light leaks, flares, film burns, wipes and glows. The whole collection is available here:

The set of 7 clips (1080p ProRes) in this set can be downloaded here (105MB)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to do this impossible mirror shot

One of the most difficult aspects of shooting POV is when the subject looks in the mirror. This is a big issue with my all-POV feature film in pre-production; Friend Request.

Why is is tricky? Well, obviously the main character / actor has the camera rig on them. So when they look in the mirror, we see that rig. That kind of ruins the illusion!

The test shot above was done to explore one way to overcome that. Not too bad I think.

How is it done?

The classic way to achieve this is to build a set. In effect, the solution is that the mirror is a window. We didn't do that. While it would work for this one example, I need a solution that would work in shop windows, car mirrors etc. for the feature.

Instead this is a complex post-production method. It uses two shots. A main POV shot and a tripod mounted reverse. In post, the POV shot has a whole cut out of it, the same shape as the mirror. This mask / hole is kept in place despite the wobbles via the 3D motion tracking feature of After Effect CS6. The reverse shot is then placed behind the mirror, in the 3D space. Lastly, a layer that mimics the effect of glass was put in. This layer adds some dust and a bit of green (as glass does in real life) and is put where the glass would go. The hole by itself is too clean.

Job done. The hardest part was dealing with a heart shaped mirror. A square shape would be easier. But maybe less convincing because of that ease.

This shot is from a longer test short out soon called Everyone's Alright With This. Here is an interview about it...


Thursday, October 04, 2012

Editor's download kit - part 8 - crazy colour burn out and flares

This set of HD ProRes downloads are a bit different. They are all super crazy colourful, but vary in pace and style. I can see them being most useful for fast paced edits and for music videos - but of course, use them as you see fit.

Some are bright fast colour (or color if you are from US) flashes, almost strobing. Others are pulsing. Some almost burn out and flare. But all feature a variety of high saturation / chrominance.

As with my other sets, they are all 1080p HD and in ProRes format for the highest quality.

I've collected all of my free video clips on one page here, for ease of downloading.