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Monday, September 17, 2012

Eight - and the Hillsborough report

The release of the Hillsborough papers is good news and overdue.

My own short film, from many a year ago has been connected to this event. Personally, I've never linked the two together in a formal way and the script makes no mention of any tragedy directly. There were lots of incidents in the late 80s and 90s - including almost weekly bouts of hooliganism somewhere across the country that innocent people often got dragged into. So I kept it vague and could do so.

But the real reason I made no specific reference was so I could focus on the small story and the emotions. I didn't want this to be a film where an 'adult' issue over-shadowed the child's search for his own personal and intimate answers.

As someone disconnected to the tragedy first hand (and a tragedy that was kept raw due on ongoing cover-ups it seems) I felt on shaky ground to offer any insight or perspective. What did I know of the lives of real-life Jonathan and Mum?

Jonathan would now be 22. He would now be an adult himself. So I'm pleased that in the real world he would now get the answers he was looking for.

I used to have a page on my website that linked to the script and had some behind-the-scenes shots. This came down a while back. So find them below. The script is my final draft. This differs from the final film due to poor weather meaning one days shooting was ruined.

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