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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lucky 7 (years)

Yes, the blog is 7 years old! Crazy. For those that have just joined... here's the top 7 posts of all time, purely in terms of page visits. At the bottom of the main page, in a separate area, I keep a list of posts that I like and / or got lots of debate going. Check it out.

So here's the top 7, in countdown order
(add your own minor celebrity interview segments if you wish to recreate a Channel 4 list show)

How to be creative and think of new ideas.

This post features a video with John Cleese. It's great. But I also think because it got views because it aligns with the topic of the blog so well. Give it a watch if you've not seen it before.

Scriptwriter business cards

Every year I do a 'best business card' award. What do you win? Nought - except the glory. Here is the latest, but most of the other years also show up high in the ranking. Interestingly, a lot of views come from random google searches indicating that people in our line of work and in other businesses worry about this a lot. Maybe too much.

A new way to write

This post has lucked out thanks to its double appeal. Firstly, it does feature an interesting idea about swapping the order of film making. Secondly, it has a cool graphic to steal which draws folks in.

Why people will invest in your film

If you talk about money, and how people can get it, blog readers seem to love it. Of course, in this case, it was done with a healthy dash of realism. The post was featured on a few other sites too, which helped spread the word. 

Best scriptwriting advice ever

I think the title helps here. But at least the content does kind of back it up. Its a free download to Alexander Mackendricks teaching cards for scriptwriters. Really good stuff. Get it, print it, refer to it.

Craziest news story ever

This is a recent one. It got spread all around on twitter. The point was about storydust. But I think people just liked the oddness of it. Fair enough.

Free storyboard template for microsoft word

By far the most popular. It combines a few good things that helped to make it popular. It is about getting something free. Beginners can use it - as you use the standard, boring, Word - nothing new to install etc. And the title is spot on so it ranks high in Google search.


More cool free stuff to come. Everyone loves the freebie downloads.

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