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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Bless you script readers

script reading

I've got two scripts in my inbox (not sure why it's called the inbox and not the in-tray, but anyway) and these scripts have been there a fair old while.

I toy with the idea of reading them. I should do. I want to. They task me. I want to get involved in the projects, I want to be exposed to the writing, techniques and themes of others. I even like reading scripts when I get into them. But something about 100 pages stretching out in front of me puts me off. It is almost a little microcosm of the issues of starting to write a script.

So what nuggets of advice do I have for myself? Or with what should I kick myself up the ass with? I don't know. This post isn't about that. It's a thank you to the script readers out there.

Script readers in consultancy firms like Industrial Scripts, or Sarah Olley. Or the scriptwriters' best friend, advocate and champion Danny Stack - or the writers who do a bit of reading on the side like Dom Carver and so many others.

Cheers to you all - cheers for just sitting down and reading the damn things. Awesome.

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