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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What should go in a pitch video?

I've been getting some very kind and positive feedback about the pitch film for my new feature Friend Request. The majority of this feedback has been around the fact that it feels specific to the film. This seems obvious of course. But if you look at a lot of the Kickstarter-style videos online you'll see that a lot of them follow a set formula, whatever the genre.

This can be useful of course. A formula means your video delivers what people want to get from it - with no surprises. But does it fit your project? That's the question that must sit in your mind as you work out your approach. Just as other elements of the film (script, casting, art direction) must pull together to create something more than themselves, so must this kind of video also slot into that overall theme.

Is it exciting? Or the same as the rest?

It is a shame when the pitch video consists of people talking to the camera in a monologue. Well, it is if this doesn't reflect the attitude of the final piece. If you are making a very reflective quiet piece, then it could well be ideal. If not, think a bit more creatively. After all, that's what you are selling.

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moonlitlake said...

You got a point there...