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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

When to use Crowd Funding

friend request film crowd funding

The time is getting nearer to thinking about crowd funding a portion of Friend Request. We have a good portion of the budget but a bit extra will mean we can lift our ambitions with regards to locations and cast. Crowd funding can tricky. For every film with extra cash there is a case of $100 pledged and looking lonely. What I have learnt (and what I see others not doing) is getting the timing exactly right.

Too many film makers try to almost seed fund a film or kick start it. Not a surprise, after all they are probably using Kickstarter so the name makes you jump to this conclusion. But where I see the crowd funding really work is later in the process. This is where you let people come in early on the film but late in development and pre-production. This seems to be the funding sweet spot.

It is easy to see why. Potential funders are still getting in at the ground floor where they can follow developments and get involved. But they also can see and feel the quality so far and know the damn thing will actually happen. This can be during the scary final run up to the shoot so I see why people don't like to do it.

Of course, there will be exceptions to everything I say - but I am trying here to outline trends rather than one-offs.

So, expect to see more on my adventures in this landscape (when ready!) and in the meantime bits and bobs are leaking up on the Friend Request facebook page. Give it a thumbs up.

Summary on Friend Request: 
1 - a fresh approach to the road movie genre - a great story, female lead, set in world of aerial images. Nerdy in a good way.
2 - shot entirely from the main characters point of view - bold storytelling technique to make an impact and stand out in fests.
3 - uses specially designed and built camera equipment - sharing lessons learnt as we go
4 - great people involved, award winning etc, everyone experienced but up for new challenges - with more to come on board
5 - all UK, keeping it local

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