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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


So recently the whole POVCam experience has been coming together. Almost the final stage has been bringing together the helmet design with the 3D Mic Pro. In previous clips I was using the helmet with no sound.

Now, here, I brought them together. See and hear for yourself. For the best results wear headphones.

The 3D Mic is mounted above the helmet so that it is vertically slightly higher than where your ears really are, but not by a noticeable amount.

This test used my smaller Sony camera without the wider and more stable lens. This was so I could concentrate more on getting the sound right. Self shooting in this way is just about possible, but I would need to think about using in-ear headphones in order to monitor the sound, something I didn't do here. Overall, I think shooting with the POVCam is a two man job, just to have one person monitoring technically and also as a second pair of eyes to make sure you don't trip over.

The big lesson was the best results come from trying to forget you are wearing it and just be in the situation. This takes a little while to get used to. Once are in that frame of mind you feel okay to throw yourself into situations such as climbing trees!

Next up, is the shooting of a 6 minute short called "Everyone's Alright With This" using the same technique.

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