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Sunday, March 04, 2012

In this test I wanted to check the POVCam helmet was up to the job of being thrown around a little.

What is key to notice is that this test doesn't feature the final camera or lens. It is using the Sony NEX5N with kit lens, so isn't as 'wide angle' as the proper POVCam lens. The full and proper set up uses an 11mm lens on a Canon 550D.

The camera was set on full auto and I deliberatly made it work hard by featuring a variety of lights, indoor and outdoor and lots of different focus distances. As you will see it only just keeps up, but even at this low technical quality it is surprisingly good. The footage is pretty much unaltered. I pushed it up 1 stop in post.

A few early pieces of feedback on the Facebook fan page have been around the idea of simulating how your real vision works more closely. That means cutting out a lot of whip panning around - your eyes take this out naturally.

In my mind this is partly how the film would work - with time-based cuts. But for the tests I've kept it in.

Extra nerd points if you spotted the music was from Skyrim.

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