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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Writers top tips - and my own doubts from the past

The above are 10 writing tips from Elmore Leonard. There are quite a few of these top-tip lists around. In fact they have brought the best together over at OpenCulture - click here. Check it out.

However, I remember when I was starting out as a writer I felt I had some of the skills and the techniques - but that I didn't fit into the mould of a writer. Writers talk a lot about writing as being an almost mystical process. I saw it more as a detective, intellectual task - really trying to get it to work elegantly, seeking the smoothest path for the story to unfold in an elegant manner.

Was my rational, reasoning mind not cut out to be a writer? I was pleased to find some role models who felt the same way. And a group now collected here in a new video / mixtape (!) from Jonathan Pararajasingham.

This video is very targeted towards a discussion on religion and atheism. I guess what I was tackling in the past was more an internal debate on can you have a scientific-ish mind and be wildly creative and silly at the same time? 

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