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Monday, February 13, 2012

What do you do?

Today, as I am storyteller, I was helping a company tell a story. This was a business consultancy and they needed help, specifically help with how they tell their own story. Put in even simpler terms, they want to be able to answer people, in a clear way, when they ask them "What do you do?"

This issue can effect us all. It is a hard question to answer sometimes. You could say "I'm a writer". Is that the whole story though? Does that mean that people won't find out about your directing? What if you are in a room full of writers and want to stand out?

It can be tricky. But here are 3 pieces of advice that may set you on your way to having such an answer at your finger tips.

ONE: What, How, Why
Don't just think about what you do (writing for the screen) but also think about how you do it (certain genres, certain techniques you specialise in such as dialogue or visual writing) and then also consider why. Why did you become a writer. The 'why' can often be the part people remember.

TWO: Ask others
Ask other people how they would describe you. They may use words you wouldn't. And they may value things you do that you don't. It can be very insightful.

THREE: Realise this is all just a bit of fluff
Whatever you come up with - it won't be a magic bullet phrase that always works and sums up your life in 10 words. What you are actually seeking is a clear way to get your foot in the door. Then you can talk about the full range of talents. So if it is about 80% on the nose - I'd see that as a success.

1 comment:

Fi said...

I particularly like the points you make in the 'what you do' section. I hear myself when you say 'I'm a writer' and leave it at that. Interesting to consider giving a brief reason for why you write.