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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I sometimes forget to share the 'day job' work on here. That is a shame. I like to see what other people are up to, so it should be a two way street.

So... presenting a recent B2B advert, directed by yours truly, shot by Shaune Fradley and Andy Marsh and produced by Richard Eidman at ProMotion.

Keeping it local, it features some of the good folks at Dramatic Productions and was shot in Christchurch at the Captain's Club Hotel. It is a mix of the silent-era clowning of the Tim Clague style, mixed with some modern music video gloss that I added in post. And its all about cleaning curtains.

Now that's the kind of action that only happens here!

Joking aside, the aim is that this can help blast a foot in the door for these guys and at least get them remembered.

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