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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Friend Request - Facebook page launch

The time felt right to kick off a Facebook Page for my feature in development - Friend Request.

I've already blogged a few times about the feature. It is highly innovation, both in terms of technical development and its new approach to the road movie genre. But to sum it up...

The script is in good shape - thanks to a development day with some top geezers. The story could be described as an Alice in Wonderland for the Facebook era and features the adventures of a female computer coder going out into the real world. The topic it explores via this set up is the irony of how we like to put distance between us all as the world gets smaller, a highly contemporary issue.

Its background setting is the world of aerial images, such as Google Earth. As a visual metaphor I really like it. If we see somewhere from above in Google Earth we feel we know the place, we understand it. When we get there it is different. People are the same. We can't know them from a distance. To truly know them we need to get our hands dirty. Who knew, Google Earth is a metaphor for Google Plus. Plus, I just think weird aerial images are cool! So there!

Lastly, as it is a film all from the main character's point of view why not go bold and actually have it all from her POV? I've really admired the experiments other great film makers have done in this field. But it has meant the designing and building of a new piece of camera equipment - including teaming up with the guys at 3DMic, for totally immersive sound.

So, head over to and follow the further developments. The best is yet to come - and come very soon.

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