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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Best scriptwriting advice ever

My recent posts have been about trying to reduce the amount of dialogue in a feature film script (as inspired by Alexander MacKendrick) combined with making sure that the dialogue really counts for something when you use it. This forms the basis of my current draft of Friend Request.

Chris Jones is of a like mind too it seems. On his blog he had some scans of the original Alexander MacKendrick cards. These are cards he used himself to teach his students.

I've joined them together in a funky PDF you can download and print easily, preferably A3 size.

Together I think they form some of the best advice for scriptwriters writing for the big screen. I also talked more about this and why I feel it works for writers moving from TV to cinema in the latest podcast with Danny Stack.


Robert Yates said...

Excellent!! These are amazing and very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

jowdjbrown said...

These are cards he used himself to teach his students.projector installation toronto

Citta said...


Is there any chance you could reupload this fantastic poster ?


Tim Clague said...

Download now from here -!8NAWlDYA!A7d2eF_vA3LO0OMrl3AK2Q6y_tWMxvRAngdwGAp1wsY