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Friday, November 04, 2011

Best business card for a scriptwriter - 2011

Its almost a tradition now! This year, as last year (and many previous years now) I was on the look out for interesting business cards at the London Screenwriters Festival.

The big news is... LESS CARDS. I think a lot of people rely on the power of LinkedIn to connect up later. But I think this misses the point - half the time you can't remember the name of the other person to even look them up.

It does perhaps mean the job of a card has changed. It maybe doesn't need to carry all the different contact details it once used to - maybe your name and twitter (or linkedin account etc) is enough. So instead it should be about making sure you are remembered. Seems easy, but it isn't.

As such, the images below are mostly from the reverse of the card. The front, with contact details on, is mostly redudant as I mentioned above. The reverse is where it is at baby!

Here are some of my highlights...

Janice Day took the idea of 'blank space' and used it to her advantage. But she admitted she stole that idea from me.

Rosie Claverton's word cloud was striking. But this layout is perhaps becoming slightly over used - so don't go for this next year!

Liz wrote a little scene in courier font, which worked well.

But so did Andrew James Carter. Who probably did it better, but only because you read it later when you get home. And in fact Andrew was mentioned last year so is rapidly becoming king of the cards!


Dan said...

The only thing I would say in favour of having at least one side with a traditional layout is that some phone apps can snap a card and convert it to a phone contact.

Nice to see some creative ones here.

almond paarman said...

I think a lot of people who rely on the power connection in the connection. But I think this misses the point and a half, you can not remember the other person's name, or even look them up.

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Janice said...

I think the first one is the best, with the gorgeous blonde on the front. I definitely procured Tim's idea to say 'I'm the one who' on the card but I got the idea of putting my photo on it from Jason Arnopp. It might look egotistical, but actually it's really helpful when sifting through the cards to be able to put the name to the face. Nice article, Tim. And thanks for the idea. The cheque's not in the post by the way. Not ever.

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