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Monday, September 12, 2011

Using the triumvirate of characters - to make some cash

Here's a rising trend with regards to what I'm being commissioned to create. I guess you could call them "fictional character profiles". These were created with Shaune from Chestnut Cow - for MartonHouse.

Crafting these is a good opportunity for writers, offering some interesting non broadcast work - and another good revenue stream.

The 'character profile' above is from a set showing 3 customer types. It is called the Red, Green, Blue model and is a simple way of getting a quick grasp on why you may need to tailor your business pitch to different types of people.

About the 3 characters in this example:
Red people - status driven, time short, have the courage to invest in their personal future.
Green people - detail conscience, like figures, logical, looking for a good deal here and now.
Blue people - these are people people, warm, reminiscence about things they've done with others in the past, big hearts.

The green and blue characters are at the bottom of this post.

Why are writers useful to create these kind of profiles?
These three clips were for training purposes. People watch them to think about how they would change their verbal and written business pitches in order to appeal to each person. The model itself is a bit dry. However, it is a abundant mine for a writer - it needed to be fleshed out. What would a character like that have in their home, what would they wear, how would they speak? Then there is a structure layered on top; what do they think about home, work and the third place? Where is the spirit of their life, in the past, present or future? The normal things we love getting into. Writer's gold.

PLUS - you can bring in elements from other stories that use the same triumvirate of human experience. For example our three characters are like the guys from Oz (courage, brain, heart) or the classic Star Trek combo of Kirk, Spock, McCoy. There's nought new, but as writers at least we know that and can use it.

Why direct too?
Personally, I like directing these videos as it means the visual style can be made to match the content. For example, ensuring the shots reflect the character. Green, for instance, is very head on, formal and logical.

What can we take back from this?
The flow of ideas must be two way of course. You can take some of this thinking into your own pitches for projects. How would you speak to each of these characters if you were seeking their investment in a new film? Do you alter your tone and vocabulary enough?

Budget for all 3 - in the region of £10k.

Blue Character:

Green Character:

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