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Friday, September 09, 2011

Too old for this shit

Name drop alert - you have been warned!

When I was starting out I was editing for David Yates. We were doing a community project together back in Swindon. It was while doing an online edit (3 machine Umatic, edit fans!) that he got the call that his first feature was being shown at Edinburgh. He said that that was about on target for a film career, as he was 35.

Well, I'm 38 now. So either that means I'm not as awesome as David Yates (which can't be true obv) or things have changed. Actually I don't mind so much, every career is different as you can tell by exploring any study of cinema. But I know some people do worry.

When I was in London recently I bumped into Duncan Kenworthy. I told him the story above. He said he didn't make his first feature until he was over 40. So I feel better. For a couple of years at least!

On a more serious note, this age-old question of age does come up at workshops and conferences. The fact that there is no single route into becoming successful as a writer / director / producer / actor should free us up. But only if we let it.

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