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Sunday, August 21, 2011

360 degree film

While the official website of White Room 02B3 gives nothing away, the video above fills in the details.

The guys at Roddenberry Entertainment are moving ahead with a 360 degree narrative film. Obviously your current screen can't show a 360 degree image. But you can either watch it in a special location or on your computer where you move around the scenes with your mouse. An example of how that works is below.

As I'm working on a POV (aka first person) film I know how technical innovations are both exciting but also a challenge. With visual change comes storytelling change too. The cornerstones of good story always remain of course. But what I'm interested in are the small alterations that are needed to make a narrative flow along when using new technology. I'm talking about the level of alteration that is the difference between a play and a film.

This is rarely talked about, but I'll be keeping an eye on this project to see what happens.

In my own project, as just one example, I'm having to remember to work on the pacing extra hard. Because we can't cut away to another character and another scene it means that if the audience needs a quieter scene to contrast a hectic scene I actually have to move my main character to somewhere suitable.

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Good luck,

Jake Rowland