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Thursday, July 28, 2011

9 Ideas book - a bit off topic, but still cool.

See the full size book at

I was asked recently to write a book for business leaders, based upon some the ideas I've developed here (Gravity for example) as well as some of the ideas developed by the guys at Marton House.

This is the result. It is a highly concentrated mini book that contains 9 ideas that leaders / managers can start using straight away - in any industry sector. It is short and punchy as it tends to be the case that these readers don't like longer, text based, material.

Check it out if you like - or send the link to anyone who you think would like it. It is suitable for beginners or old hands.

For me, this shows that our skill, as generators of ideas, carries real worth in the wider world.

You can download a pdf from

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