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Monday, June 27, 2011

This film is so bad even my granny could do better, and she is dead.

Danny Stack recently pointed me towards the The Plinkett Reviews. I loved them, so I'm sharing them with you!

They are a set of satirical reviews from the downbeat and disturbed fictional character, Mr Plinkett. He outlines how painful he finds it to watch films such as Star Wars Episode 1 or Star Trek Generations.

Now, you may be thinking this is some sort of geek off. But it is much more than that. Way more.

Mr P outlines why some films fail to engage at an emotional level with the audience while other keep us hooked. In some ways, these are masterclasses in character, plot and story. They may be from a 'how not to do it' perspective but they ten times more entertaining than a McKee lecture.

Check out the Phantom Menace reviews below to see if you agree. They are long. But actually more entertaining than the film itself.

If you are undecided here are just three points from the many he raises;
1 - this film has no central hero so the journey feels confused
2 - the characters perform actions well enough but we never know their rationale or opinion on anything so they end up just 'doing stuff'
3 - a film about trade routes and tax will probably be a bit dull for kids.


1 comment:

Marcus brutus said...

Absolute Genius!! Loved it!!